This site provides a database of identity grifting articles and op-ed pieces published in Canada. By tracking the prevalence of identity grifting in Canadian media, this site can be used as a resource for your personal, professional, or academic research purposes. This is a no-frills site that will stay as basic as possible, though you may submit suggestions for improvement on our Contact page. 

Identity grifters are those who profit from superficially exploiting their identity or an aspect of their identity without offering new insights or having accomplished anything. They may profit monetarily, or by building their portfolio/name recognition, or by convincing us of a problem that only their business/program/workshops can help solve. 
The only skill required of an identity grifter is being able to apply the vocabulary taught in a first-year critical race studies or gender studies class (e.g. "systemic barriers", "empowerment", "marginalization'", "resistance", "transgression"). Identity grifters do not have to have overcome exceptional circumstances or have extraordinary character traits – they merely profit by being female, fat, racialized, indigenous, LGBTQ, or having any combination of such traits. Identity grifters can be credited with having some business acumen, as they recognize that these identity traits are fawned over in Canada's current cultural climate. 

The subject of an article may be the identity grifter, or the author of an article may be the identity grifter. Additionally, media organizations themselves can be identity grifters. 

Not all identity-centred articles and opinion pieces qualify to be posted on this site, as many may tackle real issues on a deeper level. To meet the criteria of identity grifting, the article/op-ed must either: 

•  Feature/profile an identity grifter or an empty diversity initiative,
•  Be written by an identity grifter,
•  Or the article/op-ed itself must superficially cover a diversity/identity-related issue, offering no insight; just for clicks

This site is updated daily, though sometimes the articles added may be from past dates.