Monday, September 16, 2019


Hello to the followers of the Identity Grifting database,

You may have noticed that I have taken a step back from updating this database in recent months.

I chose the term “identity grifting” as a sort of fun way to turn “grifting” back on the leftists who love to use that term. 

However, “identity grifting” is no longer sufficient to encompass the depth of Canada’s diversity obsession. 

Media outlets publish “identity grifter” articles but will include references to suicide, trauma, and abuse, so that the articles and the identity grifters become immune to criticism, as no one wants to criticize something that references trauma or suicide.

There are other issues, too. An example: I tended to not include “small business opening”-type of articles on this database, as I think small businesses should get exposure. But, of course, a small business opened by an outspoken indigenous or trans person will get guaranteed media exposure, while someone who doesn’t have a marginalized identity would not get that coverage. There isn’t a way for “identity grifting” to account for that at this time.

Or, an article that discusses how street names are too European and must be changed to reflect diversity…this isn’t really a case of identity grifting, but it does undermine our history, which therefore undermines our culture.

This database has 130+ articles and will remain online for the time being. 

Thank you to everyone that supported this site and let’s continue to keep the media and other institutions accountable…as their strategies morph, ours must as well.